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How to play FreeCell?

Freecell rules;

At the start of the game the 52 cards are shuffled and divided into 8 rows. The free cells on the left are temporary spaces where only 1 card can be held. Completed sequences of cards are stacked on the 4 right free cells ( or foundation piles).

Cards can be moved on another card that is one point higher in value and not of the same color ( there are two colors: black and red ). Blocks of cards can be moved if they are in the correct order and opposite color (i.e. if the are in correct sequence ), but the number of cards that can be moved depends on the number of free cells. Good strategy is to ensure a minimum occupancy of these free cells.

The cards are placed in piles in order from Ace to King. The game is won when all series of cards are placed in the cells on the right..



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